Students dreaming to pursue higher secondary education can apply for any of the underlisted best student loan options for 2018 which will take care of all their tuition needs such as cost, rentals, books and all other living expenses through the Department of Education or privately through a bank. You can also apply for Federal Student Loans through Free Application for Federal Student Aid known as FAFSA. Federal Student Loans makes you eligible for deferring the student loans half of the time until the period you will be studying and after graduation, you have to pay the amount after every 6 months of maximum period. Federal loans offer flat interest rates being funded by the government.

Here are some of the best student loan options for 2018 to consider:

1. Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank is one of the largest banks in the country that has a robust customer service that will help you with all your loan queries at their branch offices. It is one of the best student loan options for 2018 for offering an immediate repayment interest rate of 4.38% to 11.48% on a minimum of $10,000 borrowed. Some of its best perks included loan consolidation, 0.50% of rate discount as well as fixed and variable interest rates, 12 months of forbearance and plenty of flexible time for repayments. You can choose between a 5 year, 10 years and a 15 year of loan repayment duration as per your needs. They charge 6.48% to 11.58% interest rates for deferred repayments. You can choose the loan amount from $1,000 up to the $295,000.

2. SunTrust
SunTrust is one of the exception student loan lenders to consider. One of the best reason to choose them is that you can qualify for their option for 24 months of forbearance and a plethora of flexible loan repayments duration ranging from 7 years, 10 years to 15 years and you can choose accordingly on your budget. They do not charge any application fees or prepayment fees. You are eligible for a loan amount up to $150,000. SunTrust offers a 1% principal reduction in the repayment amount for just graduating the school. You are eligible for 0.25% reduction for auto payment and the double for auto payment with SunTrust account. You can add a co-signer in the loan amount. They offer 4.75%-11.50% of fixed APR and 3.50%-10.55% of variable APR.

3. PNC
One of the best student loan options for 2018 are provided by PNC Bank. They offer the highest amount of loan- $225,000 as compare to all the other lenders. You can repay the loan amount for the maximum duration of 15 years. They even allow you to add a co-signer but it is rather overwhelming to remove him. You have to pay 48 on-time payments to have relieved a co-signer from the account. They do offer a 0.50% off on the interest rate if the payment mode you choose is the auto payment from the respective bank account only. There is no option for loan consolidation for combining your federal and private loans, you have to keep both accounts separate. They offer fixed 6.23% – 12.99% APR and 4.42% – 11.53% variable APR. you need good credit history and 2 years of employment to be eligible for a private PNC loan without any co-signer.

4. Discover Student Loans
One of the best for offering both graduate and undergraduate loans, Discover Student Loans can be listed in the top 5 according to their huge maximum loan amount of $200,000 offered which is due to pay in 15 years of maximum duration. Though you cannot relive a co-signer from the account and are eligible for a minimum length of forbearance. One of the additional perks you can get as a student is the loan consolidation and variable & fixed APR. The loan amount offered can cover up to 100% of all the college requirements ranging from cost, rentals, books and all other living expenses. They offer cash rewards for getting good grades which is a plus and there is no application or late fees.

5. Sallie Mae
They are considered as one of the lenders for offering best student loan options for 2018. They can fund up to $200,000 of the loan amount to cover all your tuition expenses including the rentals, books, and extracurriculars. They have a non-robust customer service making it difficult to manage your queries but they do offer to release the co-signer after a regular 12 on-time payments. There is no offer for consolidating your personal loans with the federal loans to manage them easily. You have to keep both of them separate. They offer 12 months of forbearance on the account of losing a job or something with proof. You are also eligible for 0.50% off on the interest rate if you auto pays the amount through their own account.

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