All the health insurance providers in America are regulated under the PPACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is actually nicknamed as Obamacare. This act was carried out to offer affordable and quality healthcare to Americans by regulating the health insurance industries. With this act, it is mandatory to most of the Americans to have a medical insurance. We have curated a list of some of the best health insurances in 2018 based on the different budgets and family size.

Best Health Insurances in 2018 based on the annual data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC):

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
One of the largest health insurance providers in America, Blue Cross Blue Shield comprises of 37 local and independent operated companies. One of the major advantages of this health insurance is the variety of plans available for every individual that too on a budget and more individualized attention. Though, the quality of service can vary according to the geographical location. There are more than 20 different plans with affordable prices to choose from as well as certain discount programs on health and wellness products. It also allows you to compare 3 of your selected plans side by side and choose the best for you accordingly.

2. Humana
It is one of the best health insurances in 2018 you can afford for your entire family. The company operates in 22 states of America and offers a wide range of health insurances at lowest rates to choose from. When compared to the others in terms of additional benefits as well as prices, the Humana scores the top position. They also have additional wellness programs for individuals and families. They offer around dozen plans that can also include dental as well as vision. You can see that majority of its plans includes home healthcare for old people with chronic illness. Though, they do not offer any short-term plans.

3. Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is one of the health insurances companies that operates in 8 states of America as well in Washington, DC. They have their own team of doctors and other healthcare facilities. The premium services as well a variety of plans makes it one of the strong options to choose from. The policies are way less expensive as compared to other services mostly in terms of old age health plans. Though it is important to look out for the reputation of its service in your geographical area and choose accordingly. The service does not cover any outside specialists. They do not cover any person under the plan if he/she is not present in America at the time of need.

4. Aetna
Aetna is one of the insurance companies that offer a plethora of insurances including the health insurances for you and your family. You can choose from private health insurance covers through health exchange including the dental and vision plans as well as student and international insurances. You can also add their supplemental insurances to your current plans. The company offers a majority of cheapest rates but offers no short terms plans that can cover the gaps in insurance which is the major downside. They also allow you to add health insurance to their supplemental plans.

5. United Healthcare
United Healthcare is one of the health insurances company that works under the ACA to offer protection to your family’s health. Their health plans might be expensive as compared to the ones stated earlier but they do offer excellent services. They have an online presence to cater to your need and offers you an online account manager that can track your status. They also have doctors to write subscriptions, offers you an access to the wellness programs and a nurse hotline. It is easy to manage all your health status aspects electronically. You can search the best plan for you with minimum information within seconds.

6. Cigna
Another one of the best health insurances in 2018 is Cigna that covers all your medical insurance with the supplemental dental and vision plans. All the plans of the company are in accordance with ACA. They have services in only 12 states of America and has no short-term plans that can cover the gaps in your coverage. They have a healthy website that can allow you to choose your plan accordingly and effectively with their handy features. It also offers prescription services according to your geographical area. The search function allows you to see if your medications are covered under your specific plan.

7. Assurant
It is one of the health insurance companies that offer a variety of health insurance plans both short term as well as long terms with some international plans all credited under the ACA guidelines. Though it is slightly expensive than the other plans offered, they do present you with secondary networks to broaden your choice of doctors. All the plans offered are flexible as well as can be supplemented with additional facilities. The website is quite easy to use. All you have to do is fill in the simple details and choose the best plan for you by comparing and selecting up to three of them.

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