A credit card is a handy way of making purchases and keeping their records. Some people refer them as plastic money. They usually allow us to borrow money from the bank irrespective of the item you are buying and that money is required to be returned to the bank in the specific “grace period” in order to avoid additional interests on the amount borrowed. Well, if you are looking for best credit cards of 2018 that offers convenient benefits such as cash back, reward points, extended grace period etc., then read on.

List of Best Credit Cards of 2018 with additional monetary advantages that fits your needs:

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
It is one of those travel rewards credit cards. You will be offered two points on every dollar you spent on travel or dining in the restaurants plus one point for every other purchase you make with it. More the number of points more is the cash back and rewards with the additional discount on travels. The bank offers you $50,000 of bonus points if you spent $4000 in the very first 3 months of opening the account. In advance of this signup bonus, it also allows you to transfer points in collaboration with 11 premium airlines and hotel groups.

2. Discover It Secured Credit Card
The knight of people with bad credit, Discover It secured Credit Cards covers it all. It is one of the best credit cards of 2018 perfect for the ones with bad credit history. Being a secured credit card, $200 is the minimum security deposit at the time of opening an account though, individuals do have an option of choosing amount more than that. The card offers 2% of cashback at every gas station and a restaurant with a combined purchase of $1000 and 1% of cashback from any other purchase. There are no annual transaction fees for the credit card. The cash rewards have a lifetime validity.

3. Citi Double Cash Card
With zero transaction fees annually, Citi Double Cash Credit is the one that will offer you 1% of cash back on every purchase as well as when they will be paid off. They have interest rates of 14.74% to 24.74% of variable APR. though, they have a 0% APR on every balance amount transferred from the other accounts in the first 18 months. The bank offer purchase and travel protection, as well as the first late fee, is forgiven for every individual and after that, it charges $35 for that.

4. Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card
The card that offers you amazing travel rewards that too everyday. You will be offered 20,000 of bonus points by spending $1,000 or more than that within 90 days of opening an account. The card earns you a whole 1.5 points per dollar for every purchase you make with it. There is 0% APR on purchases for the first 12 months and after that, it will limit to a variable 16.24 to 24.24 %. The bank does not charge any annual fees for the credit card and the validity of the rewards points is lifetime which you can use on any airline no matter the company.

5. Barclaycard Arrival Card World Elite MasterCard
Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard is a credit card that offers flat-rate rewards on every purchase. The cardholder will earn 2 miles for every purchase made with the card without any limit and 5% when the earn points will be redeemed. The validity of the points is lifetime and they can be redeemed anywhere. If you have made purchases of $3,000 or more than that within 90 days of opening the account, the bank offers you 40,000 of bonus miles. There are no foreign transaction fees and it allows you to waive off annual fees of 489 for the first year.

6. Chase Slate Credit Card
Chase Slate Credit Card is a balance transfer credit card that is termed as one of the best credit cards of 2018. The card offers 0% APR on every purchase for the first 15 months as well as on balance transfers and after that 16.24 % to 24.99 % variable APR will be applicable. The card holders are offered with FICO credit scores access for free that too every month and there is no annual charges on the credit card. It charges zero balance transfer fees for the 60 days of opening an account. Though, it does not offer any kind of rewards program.

7. Capital One Spark Cash for Business
It is one of those business rewards credit card that offers an unlimited 2% of cashback with every purchase you make with it. If you spent $4,500 or more than that on purchases within the first 3 months of opening the account, you can earn a cash bonus of $500. The bank has waived the $95 of the annual fees for the first year. There is an 18.24% of variable APR applicable on every balance transfer as well as purchases. You are allowed to redeem the rewards anytime irrespective of the period of time. Though, for availing this credit card, your credit scores must be excellent.

8. Citi Simplicity Card
The Citi Simplicity Credit card offers a 0% APR on every purchase and balance transfer but only as an introductory offer of 18 months and after that 15.24-25.24 % of variable APR will be applicable. One of the best features of this credit card is no annual credit card charges as well as no late fees and penalty rates. Some of the other perks include car rentals insurance, travel assistance and extended warranty period. Though you will have to pay $5 for every balance transfer and there is no rewards program.

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