Having your own car is one of the most prevalent needs for a family or an individual. It is the year of the revolution and there are a plethora of auto loans for 2019 to choose from. Though one actually wishes to pay in all cash while buying a car but it is usually not the scenario every commoner can go with. Getting an auto loan is a necessity if you wish to get yourself a reliable car that will serve you efficiently for years to come. Well for your utmost comfort, we have curated a list of best online lenders, traditional lenders and even the lenders that specialize in bad credit to choose from for your new car.

List of lenders for Auto Loans for 2019:

1. Bank of America
One of the finest Auto Loans for 2019 providers that too at lower interest rates, Bank of America serves you all. Though, your credit history and other essential factors also define the amount of auto loan you can get. The company offers new car rates at 2.74 % APR and old as well as loan refinancing at 3.04 % APR. if you are already enrolled in Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards program, you are eligible for 0.25% to 0.50% of discount rates.

2. Wells Fargo
It is one of the auto loan lenders that offers some relaxing schemes to its existing customers. If for instance, you are not a member of the bank, you are still valid for their competitive rates and an easy going and fast approval process for loans. They also offer loans on lease buyouts as well as private party loans at an easy interest rate of 3.12% APR. The company allows you to close the close the loans within a span of 24 hours provided you have all the necessary information available to you.

3. Clearlane
Powered by Ally Banks, Clearlane is famous for their refinance services though, you can still get a car loan for the old or new car. The company claims the customers usually lowers their monthly car payments at the time of refinancing. Clearlane’s refinancing rates start at 2.49 % APR without considering the duration of the loan. There are plenty of options available with Clearlane to buy a new car such as by leasing buyouts or any other private party loans.

4. U.S Bank
Crowned as the country that offers auto loans at a very low-interest rate of only 2.8 % APR, U.S Bank is one of the car loan lenders you need to consider till the offer lasts. It offers an auto loan for a new or old car as well as provided refinancing the existing loan. One of the major reasons for choosing U.S Bank for auto loans is that it does not require any kind of down payment at the moment which is great if you are short of cash. The bank allows you to apply for loan online as well as in person or through the website for your convenience.

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